How to Prevent Sunglasses From Forming Marks on Your Nose

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How to Prevent Sunglasses From Forming Marks on Your Nose

Post  shimeixiaoxiao on Tue Jul 05, 2011 12:59 pm

One about one of the most common complaints of guys and girls placing on eyeglasses and sunglasses could possibly be the actuality which they usually leave red-colored or pink represents concerning the sides brand sunglasses of the noses. quickly after placing on sunglasses for merely a few short hours, most guys and girls create indentations on their noses which could occasionally stay there for as an ideal offer as a few several hours quickly after the sunglasses take place to be removed. These represents are unsightly and will generally be embarrassing if, for example, you place in your sunglasses regardless of the actuality that producing to hold out as well as you quickly stroll in to a crucial meeting. It could possibly be challenging for everyone else to sustain a straight cope with in circumstance you have two extremely prominent pink dots near to the bridge of your nose!

Will Lotion or Powder Work?

People generally say that rubbing a tad of lotion onto your nose or dusting the chanel sunglasses bridge of your nose with newborn powder can help to steer obvious of the represents from forming. But does it work? The solution is, ed-hardy sunglasses in fact these techniques do help lessen the problem. Adding lotion minimizes the friction and stress versus your complexion when it arrives in get in touch with using the nose pads in your sunglasses. exactly the exact basic principle goes with applying newborn powder. no make any difference whether you take advantage of lotion or powder, both just one will work like a barrier and reduce the friction in your skin.

While these options can in fact be helpful, I possibly would not advise them as a end hugo boss sunglasses result of the actuality they are just temporary fixes and could create a few residual issues. For example, the lotion may end result in your sunglasses to skid decrease your nose, and in circumstance you utilize powder there is for the most part an opportunity that some will get into your eyes. certainly this begs the question; what designer sunglasses precisely may properly be achieved to eliminate, or perhaps a bare minimum of minimize, the occurrence of those ugly complexion blemishes?


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