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Post  xiaofeifei on Thu Sep 22, 2011 4:21 pm

Many hobby photographers have what's referred to as a point and shoot camera.pandora charms , These types of cameras are usually quite small , lightweight, allow you to view the picture on the digital screen instead of looking through the viewfinder, and do not have complicated accessories like interchangable lenses.
A place and shoot camera is an excellent type of camera for novices to start with, plus they make fantastic gifts too. These days they can be purchased for as low as $100 in some cases, and prices range upwards after that to around $500. The main difference in pricing usually indicates the quality of your camera, how many features it could have, and how big the pictures come out too.
How big your pictures is generally determined in megapixels. A camera that provides 10 megapixels will turn out larger, more in depth photos than the usual 4 megapixel camera will. The megapixel size a camera shouldn't be the only real criteria you've while shopping around though, because there are a lot more stuff that should be taken into account.
If you are buying a camera for someone who's completely new to photography, you will want to choose a camera that has easy to use preset controls. With preset camera controls, the photographer doesn't have to comprehend the facts of exactly what the camera's doing, they just select the mode they need, point the cameraat what they plan to have a picture of, and push the button.
Most cameras have preset controls these days, but some have more than the others. Listed here are the most common settings you'll find:
1. Sunlight mode - When the user sets their camera for this mode, it'll automatically configure itself to consider a picture in bright sunlight.
2. Evening mode - If you wish to have a picture outside at night, set the digital camera to this option.
3. Indoors - This is usually shown by just a little lightbulb about the control dial. When you are taking pictures inside, set the camera for this also it should do a better job handling the dimmer lights.
4. Sports mode - This really is shown by a little running man icon. When you wish to take pictures of sports, or any type of fast action for example little kids chasing each other in the backyard - turn your camera to this mode and it will perform a better job of catching the fast movements.
5. Flash mode - This is used most often when you are taking pictures indoors. Without having enough light to get a good picture, then turn on your camera's flash and hang it to flash mode.
You now don't have to actually begin using these modes if you do not wish to. A brand new digital camera user for instance, might prefer to simply leave the camera in automatic mode all the time. Leaving it set to automatic will usually make sure the camera adjusts itself depending on where you're taking pictures at. If you're indoors for example, and you don't have enough light for any good picture, your camera will automatically turn the flash on for you personally.
So there are some tips for you to employ when buying your personal digital camera, or buying one like a gift for someone you like.


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