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pandora chains pandora charms

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If you think about the word Ethnic, the only thing that you might be able to think of is African jewelry.pandora beads charms , For quite some time at least these two words were almost always interconnected.pandora sale , However ethnic handmade jewelry can be from a number of different locations including, Celtic, African or even Middle Eastern.pandora murano glass charms ,


Jewelry made in an African ethnic style normally sees them made out of glass pandora , These glass beads are normally known as trade beads. These trade beads are commonly used along with handmade silver beads to make them look fantastic. If a necklace is being created a sizeable handmade silver pendant can be attached. Different regions of Africa have different styles, for example West African jewelry commonly has circular designs.


When you are choosing Celtic designs of ethnic handmade jewelry the centerpiece is the most important part of the design. The leather cord may have lots of beads, however the pendant is by far the most attractive part of the jewelry. The pendants on Celtic jewelry are often very large, quite often bigger than any other form of jewelry. Celtic designs commonly include Celtic knots to represent a never-ending pattern.

Middle Eastern

Jewelry made in the Middle Eastern theme commonly has large connected pendants. In this style of jewelry there is often a number of pendants connected together which make the jewelry look unique. The jewelry is made from gemstones which are naturally found in the Middle East.

Silver jewelry from Afghanistan normally uses Afghani lapis as they are very beautiful. You will normally find pendants of Afghani lapis connected together. They gradually get bigger, and the biggest one is in the middle.

It's quite easy to purchase designer ethnic jewelry these days, you certainly don't have to travel to far-flung locations just to buy these pieces of jewelry. You can buy any type of popular ethnic jewelry without even leaving the comfort of your own home if you are willing to buy online.

This type of jewelry is often imported into America, it may cost a little bit more however it does stop you needing to go to the other side of the world on a shopping trip! If you carefully choose the piece of jewelry that you plan to buy you'll end up having something that you will treasure forever.


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